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Desire Sculpt Serum

Desire Sculpt Serum

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This luxurious sculpting serum tightens and lifts the skin to improve texture, facial volume, elasticity, cellular longevity, and reduces the severity of wrinkles and folds, with instant and lasting tightening effects.

The benefits of Desire Sculpt Serum include:

  • Immediate tightening action, and lasting firming and plumping effects with continuous use
  • Increases cellular longevity by preventing preventing telomere shortening
  • Stimulates natural intracellular purifying process while reinforcing skin barrier regeneration
  • Increases skin moisture by 27%
  • Significant improvement in skin elasticity up to 11.7%
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Additional Information

How to use: Apply 1-2 drops, once or twice a day (AM or PM). Apply after cleansing/toning routine, following elixirs and prior to creams, balms and leave on cream masks. Instant tightening/plumping effect begins in 5 minutes, and lasts 4 hours. Can be reapplied to extend the effect

Skin types: All skin types

All U.SK Under Skin products are dye free, synthetic fragrance free and cruelty free